Part 1 Questions

Questions in the Speaking Part 1 are very general. The aim is more to help candidates relax by asking them personal questions about common topics. On this page we look at some of the kinds of questions you might expect.


At the start of the speaking test you can expect an examiner to say the following and ask these  questions.

Good morning/afternoon. My name is …… and this is my colleague … .

And your names are?

(These following two questions have recently changed.)

Where do you live Candidate A?
And you Candidate B?

First of all we’d like to know something about you.

First Speaking Part 1 Sample Topics

These are not necessarily actual exam questions but examples of the kinds of questions you might get in the Speaking Part 1.

  • Do you like to spend time with friends or on your own?
  • What would be an ideal holiday for you?
  • Tell us about your favourite place.
  • What’s the best film you have seen recently?

The examiner will ask different questions to each candidate.

What to do in Speaking Part 1

For the where do you live question you can talk about your own country or where you live now if you are not in your own country.  For any other questions answer the questions as best you can. While a candidate can often feel a little nervous at the start of a speaking test, these questions and topics should be familiar. 

Try to respond with more than just a Yes or No answer to each question you are asked. If you only answer Yes or No the examiner may ask you Why?/Why not?

First Speaking Test

Overview of the First Speaking test

Speaking Part 2

In this part compare the two pictures.

Speaking Part 3

In Part 3 discuss each topic together.

Speaking Part 4

Give opinions on a similar theme to Part 3.