Cambridge B2 Part 2 Speaking

In this Part 2 speaking exercise candidates receive two photographs to talk about and a question to answer.

We take a look on this page at ways that can make your speaking performance better in Part 2 of the B2 speaking exam.


Sample Part 2 Speaking Question

Look at this sample B2 Speaking Part 2 question.

In this part of the test I’m going to give each of you two photographs. I’d like you to talk about your photographs on your own for about a minute and also to answer a question about your partner’s photographs.

Student A, it’s your turn first. Here are your photographs. They show people running. I’d like you to compare the photographs and say what these people are enjoying about running.

Cambridge First Part 2 speaking image

Student B : Do you enjoy taking exercise?

What to do in Cambridge B2 Part 2 Speaking

The instructions in this part of the test are to compare (and contrast) the two pictures and answer the question in one minute. Here is what you should try to do. 

  • Make sure you try to answer the question. You may not have completely finished your answer but if you have started to answer the question that’s fine.  
  • When Student A has finished the examiner asks Student B a different question. 
  • Now Student B receives their two pictures and Student A will answer a question after Student B has finished.  

Doing the B2 Speaking Part 2 better!

Follow the instructions
Always do what the examiner tells you. Although you will need to describe the pictures the examiner is asking you about the similarities and differences between the pictures. Try not to spend too much time describing the pictures. Here is a suggested method for doing this part of the exam. 

How to do Part 2 speaking

Suggested Method

  • Describe what is in the first photo briefly.
  • Describe what is in the second photo briefly.
  • How are they similar?
  • How are they different?
  • Answer the question

More Part 2 Speaking Tips

Use suitable linking words
Be prepared to use words and expressions that describe similarities – in both pictures, differences – but, whereas and comparatives to organise your answer.

Keep talking
It is important to keep talking in Part 2 for two reasons. Firstly, the examiner has given you one minute to speak and they will not interrupt you until that one minute has finished. Secondly, if you do stop it can be more difficult to start speaking. So continue talking until the examiner tells you to stop.

Answer the second question
As far as possible give a complete answer to the second extra question. You should speak for about 20-30 seconds in your answer.

Speculate about the photographs
Sometimes what is happening in the pictures is not always clear to candidates. So, it is absolutely fine to guess what you can see by using may/might/could. It can often be a very good way to make your answer longer.

While some candidates can find this part of the FCE Speaking exam stressful just remember is is only one minute and that you still have a lot more time to demonstrate your level of English.

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