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Unreal Past

Share Unreal Past An unreal past structure is one that considers impossible situations. While conditional forms are the most obvious, there are also a number of other ways we can talk about such scenarios. We’ll take a look here at the variety of forms we can use and how we use them. Conditional Forms While

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Share Nominalisations: Other words as nouns Nominalisation describes a word formation in which a verb (or other part of speech) is used as (or transformed into) a noun. We’ll take a look at why we use them and why these noun forms can be useful in formal writing.  Explanation When we use verb forms it makes

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Share Using Inversion Inversion is a way of changing the information placed at the beginning of a sentence and in this post we will looked at a variety of ways how we can use inversion. Because it changes the focus on information it can be a very good way of emphasizing details. It’s also considered

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