Your Cambridge Speaking Exams

First & Advanced

There are 4 exercises in the Cambridge First & Advanced exams.

Part 1 is a number of very general questions, which each candidate is asked in turn.

Part 2 is where each candidate compares two pictures. In the Cambridge First the candidates get 2 pictures. In the Advanced exam they receive 3 pictures.

Part 3 is in two parts. There is a topic and some questions to discuss together.
In the second part of the task there is a different question to answer.

In Part 4 the theme is the same as in Part 3. Candidates discuss questions about this theme in more detail.


There are 3 exercises in the Proficiency speaking exam.

Part 1 consists of personal but very general questions which each candidate is asked in turn.

Part 2  is the picture section of the exam and is in two parts. Candidates discuss 2 pictures first and then talk about all of the pictures. 

Part 3 is where candidates perform a presentation or an extended talk and then discuss some of themes in the exercise.