Cambridge Proficiency Speaking

Part 1 Speaking is the initial task, the aim of which is to ask candidates some general questions. Here we’ll examine it in detail and offer some tips on how to perform well.

Proficiency Part 1 Speaking Summary

Part one consists of a number of individual questions to candidates. There is no interaction between candidates and the activity lasts for 2 minutes. As the activity also helps candidates feel more at ease it tends not to be a huge challenge and is an opportunity for candidates to begin to focus on the exam itself.

Sample Questions

  • How good are you at organising your time?
  • Do you have much opportunity to travel?
  • How important is the internet to you?  

Doing It Well!

The primary focus for candidates in part 1 is to answer any questions as fully as they can. Short answers are generally not indicative of an appropriate C2 level. Despite this part being less intense than Parts 2 & 3 it does set a standard, in the sense that candidates do need to show a wide range of language even in these shorter responses.

Some ideas to practise

In the main, practising with a wide range of personal questions should be more than adequate preparation. Use materials from coursebooks, practice tests and any online sources you can locate.

Speaking Part 2

In this part discuss a series of pictures around a theme

Speaking Part 3

In Part 3 present a topic and discuss a related theme.

Proficiency Speaking

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