Let’s start with a look at the basic information about the Cambridge First Speaking Exam. It is 14 minutes long and consists of four parts.

Part 1 General Questions  – 2 minutes

Part 2 Individual Long Turn using two photographs – 4 minutes

Part 3 Collaborative Task – 4 minutes

Part 4 Discussion – 4 minutes

What are they looking for?

A successful candidate in the Cambridge First speaking test is someone who can show a good use of basic grammar and vocabulary in their speaking. They are also generally clear in their pronunciation of sounds.

What to do in each part of the exam

Part 1
These are very general questions , typically about things like routines and free time activities. Answer them the best you can. Yes and No answers are not really enough in this part.

Part 2
Compare two photographs and answer a question. There is also a second question for each candidate to answer.

Part 3
A topic question with a series of options to discuss together.In the second part of the task you are asked to make choice of one or more options.

Part 4
This has more detailed questions on the same theme as in Part 3 which you should answer in as much detail as possible.