Writing - What you can expect

Part 1

The compulsory exercise in the Cambridge First B2, Advanced and Proficiency exams is an essay. 

The number of words in the essay for each exam is different. 

Cambridge First B2                                         140-190 words
Cambridge Advanced                                     220-260 words
Cambridge Proficiency                                   240-280 words

First B2 & Advanced Part 2

There are different writing exercises in the Cambridge First B2 and Advanced exams. In each exam there are three choices and you answer only one.

The possible options in the First are

The word limit is 140-190 words.

The possible choices in part 2 of the Advanced exam are

The word limit is 220-260 words

Proficiency - Part 2

There are 4 possible choices in the part 2 of the Proficiency writing exam, including questions based on the set books.

The possible choices in the Proficiency writing are

  • Article
  • Report
  • Formal letter
  • Review

The word limit is 280-320 words

Question 5 consists of two options based on the set books for the Proficiency exam, You have a choice of answers a) or b).
Possible options are

  • Letter
  • Review
  • Article
  • Report

The word limit is 280-320 words

Listening - What you can expect

First B2

There are 4 exercises in the Listening in the Cambridge First B2 exam.

In this part there are eight short extracts from monologues or conversations. There is one multiple-choice question for each extract, and candidates choose A, B or C.

A monologue of about 3 minutes, which may have a presenter. Candidates complete gaps in the sentences with the missing information from the recording.

In part 3 there is a series of five themed monologues of approximately 30 seconds each. Candidates select five correct options from a list of eight possible answers.

Part 4 is a conversation between two or more speakers of approximately 3-4 minutes. Candidates answer multiple-choice questions by choosing the correct answer from three options (A, B or C).

Advanced & Proficiency

There are 4 exercises in the Listening section of the Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency exams.

Part 1 consists of three short, unrelated recordings. There are two multiple-choice questions for each recording. Each question has three options (A, B or C).

Part 2 is a monologue lasting 3-4 minutes. The questions are a series of incomplete sentences. Candidates identify the information, which can be one to three words, to fill each gap.

Discussion with two or more interacting speakers lasting 3-4 minutes. The answers are a series of multiple-choice questions, each with four options (A, B, C or D).

In this part there are five short, themed monologues. There are two multiple-matching tasks. Each task requires the selection of the five correct options from a list of eight.