Part 3 Speaking Exercise

In the Part 3 speaking task candidates are given a question and some topics to discuss. They need to talk about the topics together and to make a decision about a second question.

We take a look on this page at how the exercise works and at how you can make your speaking performance better in Part 3 of the Speaking exam.

Part 3 Example

Look at this sample question.

Sample Part 3 Question
Now I’d like you to talk about something together for about 2 minutes.

Here are some things people often do to keep fit and healthy and a question for you to discuss.  First you have some time to look at the task.

Cambridge First speaking part 3 example

After about 15 seconds the examiner says the following

Now talk to each other about how important these things are for keeping fit and healthy. 

After 2 minutes the examiner says the following

Thank you.
Now you have a minute to decide which two are most important for keeping fit and healthy.

How to do it

In Part 3 candidates are expected to discuss each topic consider together. The key focus in Part 3 is on interaction and discussion. At the end of the second discussion you should try to make a decision.  You don’t have to agree but you should explain your reasons.

Doing Part 3 speaking better!

Talk about points together!

Choose one topic and discuss it together before moving to the next topic. By doing this you should interact more and should get good scores on that element of the exam.

Listen and respond to your partner

Sometimes in exams candidates do not pay attention to what their partner is saying or they are thinking about their own answer. Part of the exam score is how you respond to your partner. In Part 3 in particular you need to listen to them and respond to their ideas. You should also invite them to give their opinions.  Phrases like the ones below may be helpful here.

Some useful phrases

  • How do you feel  ..?
  • What do you think ..?
  • I take your point but …
  • Let’s/Shall we …?
  • OK, so we agree ….

Support your opinions

You should try to provide support to your opinions especially in the second section of Part 3 where you have to make a decision.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t think of very good ideas in the exam because the examiner is listening to your English so always try to explain your ideas as best as you can.

Avoid interruptions

Try not to interrupt your partner at any time. Sometimes this can be difficult if your partner seems to be speaking a lot. The examiner will give you opportunities to speak but your score could be affected if you interrupt or don’t let your partner speak.

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