Cambridge B2 Reading Part 7

This is the third and last of the reading exercises in the Cambridge B2 reading exam and on this page we will talk about what you need to know about this Part 7 reading exercise. 

What do I have to do in the Reading Part 7 exercise?

The Cambridge B2 Reading Part 7 consists of one long text or up to six shorter texts, with 10 questions. In the exam the questions come before the texts and of course some of the answers may be correct for more than one question.

  • Type of text: The text is often an extract from a magazine, book or article.

Reading Part 7 Example

Part 7 (Extract)

part 7 reading example

How to do the exercise

Step 1

  • Read the instructions and the questions first

Step 2

  • Read the text quickly – no more than 1-2 minutes to get a general idea of what is in the full text.

Step 3

  • Highlight key information in the text and in the questions. Not all words are key.

In which section does the writer mention feeling satisfaction that her determination resulted in better performance?

My journey to the sea began when I was tiny. My mum, who used to surf then, would sit me on one of her old boards and push me into the little waves in a few centimetres of water. We both soon realised I had an unstoppable appetite for the waves, something which has never faded.

 Step 4

  • Concentrate on just ONE text, for example C.
  • How many questions could have C as an answer?
  • Look at the next text. How many questions match this text?

Cambridge First part 7 reading example answers

Part 7 Reading Exam Tips

Choosing reading tasks
When you are doing the exam reading tasks take a look at all three reading exercises first and decide what you think is the easiest one. Often this is probably Part 7. In fact it is generally the easiest of the tasks and candidates can usually complete the exercise more quickly and get more marks on this part. So, it’s worth considering, however, the choice is up to you.

Use our method – it’s faster and easier to do!
Try to follow the recommended method we advise here for part 7. One of the main advantages of this is that by only reading one text at a time you are not confused by other parts of the text. In other words, you can also find questions that match a particular of the text a lot more easily.

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