Cambridge Advanced Writing Preparation Course

advanced writing course - essay
Course Sample - what is an essay?

As well as the tips we provide on this website we’d just like to let you know about a new Advanced online English video course.

In conjunction with Udemy, English Too has created a new online English video course to support your preparation for the Cambridge Advanced writing exam.  Let’s take a quick look at what you can find in it.

Cambridge Advanced Exam Writing

In this online course you can explore the advanced writing exam. The course looks at all of writing types and provides practice opportunities for each one. There are nearly three hours of video resources and extra materials include 10 assignments. Take a look at this course sample.

Features of the online course

  • Writing course aimed at students who are considering taking the Cambridge Advanced exam. 
  • Helps students understand the organization of advanced writing and how to develop their writing skills.
  • Learn about the different exam formats; computer and paper.
  • Study each of the individual writing tasks that you may find in an exam.
  • Learn how the examiner evaluates writing tasks and gain a better understanding of the marking scheme used in Cambridge Advanced.
  • Special sections which look at ways of joining ideas together as well as strategies for improving your language. 

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Now on Udemy!

First Exam


Learn all about the Cambridge First exam, how it is organised and what each of the different parts is about. 

–  Explore each part of each exam.

–  Learn key strategies. 

–  6 hours of extra practice exercises to improve reading, Use of English and Writing performance.