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While many students can find the time to attend Cambridge exam preparation classes, there are others, who for one reason or another cannot. To this end we’re happy to provide a number of lists of Cambridge First grammar books and materials that can help in the preparation. It is not meant to be a definitive list, just a list of books we have seen and worked with over the years. We hope it’ll prove useful to anyone planning to do the Cambridge First exam.


English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy 

ISBN 9780521189064  Cambridge University Press

 Cambridge Grammar in Use






 No list of grammar books would be complete without the best-selling grammar book of all. First printed in 1985 English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy, is now in its 4th edition. Conceived as an aid to Intermediate students and above, this self-study book has been a favourite with both teachers and students ever since.

With its two page lesson layout – a grammar explanation followed by a set of exercises it works its way through all the main points of English grammar.  With answers at the back and a self-study of phrasal verbs, irregular verbs and other points of grammar it is probably the most complete grammar of English students can find.

Don’t be put off by the Intermediate label on the book. As a self-study book it can be used by students even up to an advanced level. The standard format and comprehensive grammar information makes it ideal to review and test your overall knowledge of English grammar.

Language Practice for First by Michael Vince

ISBN 9780230463752  MACMILLAN

Cambridge First Grammar Longman







This book presents a review of key grammar elements and vocabulary that students are expected to be familiar with for the Cambridge First exam. With a grammar & vocabulary presentation followed by a series of exercises, it presents a more challenging exam support to students. This latest version is the 5th edition and has been updated for the new 2015 exam.

Grammar and Vocabulary for First and First for Schools Book with Answers and Audio
by Barbara Thomas

ISBN 9781107481060  CAMBRIDGE
Cambridge First Grammar & Vocabulary






This book has also been updated for the 2015 Cambridge First exam format. It includes listening exercises, grammar and vocabulary. Prior to 2015 it was in two separate books, which you may also find. While the book is very good support, the choice of grammar points is more limited than the Language Practice for First. Students may also find some of the material less challenging.

Of course there are many other books but we’ve found these to be the most useful. It’s also important to remember that the Cambridge First is not all about grammar. While it is important, there is a lot more preparation in other areas like reading, speaking and writing.

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